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Bubble Level

Bubble Level is a accurate and simple to use spirit level for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

It's great for aligning picture frames or for angle measurements.


◉ Measure the level of any surface.

◉ It can be calibrated with the click of a button and the calibration is saved automatically. 

◉ It's accurate to one tenth of a degree.

◉ Full Retina support.

This tool can be used for:

◉ Picture frame alignment

◉ Measuring angles and slopes

◉ Checking the surface level of tables, shelves or any other object

◉ Measuring the inclination of a ship, aircraft or car

◉ Roof pitch calculation

▶ Calibration instructions:

- To calibrate the level, hold the phone upright against a reference surface

( landscape mode with the button to the left ) and press the red Calibrate button.

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