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Heart Rate Monitor: HR App



This app transforms your iPhone or iPad into a heart rate monitor. Get your heart rate in less than 10 seconds. Simply download this app to see how healthy your are!

Everyone's maximum heart rate is different, and also our resting heart rates vary depending on age and training level.

Simply place your index finger on the back camera and the app detects the color change in your finger tip each time your heart beats. Then an advanced algorithm is used to compute your heart rate.

- Measure your heart rate with your iPhone camera
- Examine your progress in graphs.
- Different measuring types: resting HR, pre- & post-workout HR and maximum HR
- Real-time photoplethysmogram (PPG) graph
- Share your HR measurements.

- Place your index finger on the back camera and flashlight
- Don't press too hard. If you do the blood circulation may be altered and the results could be affected.
- Try not to move too much during the measurement as this can vary the results.
- Do not measure with cold fingers when the blood circulation is poor.

Your resting heart rate varies depending on your age and training level. A very fit and athletic person has a lower resting HR than someone who is hardly active. Are you eager to know if your fitness level has improved? Measure your heart rate on a regular basis and monitor the progress of your resting heart rate.

Download this app and start a new healthy life today!