Blue Flower

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Common Questions:

1. How do I purchase Pro Upgrade?

2. How do I create a directory?

3. How do I transfer images to the app?

4. How do I transfer images from the app?

5. How do I delete files?



1. Press "Upgrade to Pro" and then "Upgrade Now!"

2. Press the button with the blue plus sign and select directory name.

3. Click on a catalog to select it. Then press the blue plus sign to import images from camera roll.

4. Click on a catalog and select the button in the bottom left corner. Select "Share" and then choose transfer method.

5. If you want to remove a complete directory, then press the symbol (i) to the right of the catalog. Then select "Delete Catalog". Otherwise you can remove images one by one. Select catalog and then click on the image. Press the button with the trashcan in the bottom right corner.